2022 prices 

prices below are for polished boards except for (N) natural finish uncut, (W/D) wet and dry finish


50% deposit on all surfboards orders no exceptions


Hey everyone now that we’re on the other side of the Covid pandemic,  blank companies now are back to normal pre-Covid and the wait for blanks now is only a couple of weeks so orders take 4 weeks not the 10 to the 12 as before, let’s hope this wave we’re riding now runs the full length of the point or reef or Aframe peak no monkeying around


PRB $1150

Fast Forward $1150

Fast Forward 2 $1150

Pie Burger $1300

Fish Burger $1300

Reno Burger $1300

Sting Burger $1300 

HP mals

PRO model $1650

SBB $1650

Mal/Easyrider  $1750

Basic Mal  $1750

Log Mals

That board $1750 (N)

The plank $1800

easyrider $1800

Flatdeck easyrider $1800

Big Easy $2150

50's pig $1950 (N)

60's pig $1950 (N)

Seagull $1850 (W/D)

Seagull classic $2050

USA 66 stringerless $1950 (N)

Balsa pig $2850(N)

Albatros $2850