about pieter

In 1983 PIETER established his business doing everything with his own two hands, he has worked in both large and small companies glassing and ghost Shaping for well-known companies in Newcastle , Sydney and Japan, going back to his original label 12 years ago to concentrate on your custom all Australian made boards to fit all sizes and ability of surfers for all over the world

Steve taking his 50's pig to where I was born in nordhorn Germany 

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So stoked about the surfer pig barbecue down under mike black came all the way from California to join us for the inaugural barbecue down under we spent months organising the event Kim and myself and Bart worked very hard getting it already, the day went awesome lots of people from up and down the coast they are all stoked to meet Mike, and Mike was stoked to meet them, food was eaten pigs were talked about and lots of surfing,  Mike still was in a buzz when you got home a few days later he was just so stoked about all the people that he met
mike and us.JPG